“Get Your Feet Off My Neck”

Saturday, September 15, 2018 
10:00 a.m. 

Cedar Rapids Public Library, Beems Auditorium A 

Hats Off to Ruth Bader Ginsberg 

We will discuss how Supreme Court decisions have aided women in equality and watch clips from a documentary about the second Supreme Court judge appointed by President Clinton, 85 year old, Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Coffee Cake, Lemonade and Water will be provided.  You may get coffee at the downstairs café if you want it.  Reply to Sue Jorgensen (ejorg04@gmail.com or call 319-360-8757 to make a reservation.

Annual Women’s Equality Celebration, Sunday, August 26, 2018

Carole Bernard is one of the honorees for Woman of the Year!  A table is reserved for the first 8 AAUW friends who register. Other honorees are: Stephanie Munsterman, Betty Daniels, and Liz Bennett. Do you have an item for the silent auction? Do you wish to donate at the $35 individual level? Each donation includes one ticket.

Good Food! Great music! Silent Auction to raise funds for this event and the Nancylee Zeisee scholarship.

Time: 6:30, August 26th

Place: Kirkwood Regional Center, 1770 Boyson Rd, Hiawatha

Tickets for WOY have been $8 for seniors for years, however, the food costs more than that, so donations are welcome!  Tickets are on-line at www.WomensEqualityCoalition.org or contact Sue Jorgensen (ejorg04@gmail.comor 319-360-8757)

Back-to-School Project  August 21, 3:00-6:30 (includes a picnic with back pack prizes for kids)  For the 2nd year we are partnering with AAUW member, Sarah Swayze, to distribute back packs filled with school supplies at a community event. Sarah is a special education teacher at Washington High School. She knows that many of the students from the Wellington Heights neighborhood are “high risk” kids and cannot afford a back pack with supplies. Sarah often uses her own money to help them out.  Presently she has 85 backpacks and hopes to reach her goal of 150.  The picnic and rally generates a lot of excitement about beginning the school year! AAUW volunteers are needed on August 21 to distribute raffle tickets, make popcorn and cotton candy!

Redmond Park, 3rd Ave and 16th St SE.

You may support the back pack program in one of the following ways:

(Contact Sarah at 319-550-3679 or sswayze@aol.com)

  1. Donate a backpack with supplies for a student grades k-12.  A list of supplies can be found in stores where supplies are sold (Target, Walmart, Family Dollar Store and others)
  2. Volunteer your time to help at the picnic or give a backpack
  3. Give a monetary donation

Other Announcements!

Book Group: 7:00, Monday, August 27, The Califfs of Baghdad, Georgia by Mary Helen Stefaniak (an Iowa author) Barb Goings home, 6921 Kiowa Trace, NE  Call Barb at 319-294- 

Monday, September 24,6:30, Panera’s East, The Enchantress of Numbers by Jennifer Chiaverini, Place TBA, call either Barb Goings or Sharon Vana at 319-350-9697.

Orientation for New Members:  September 6, 5:10-6:15, at Vito’s on 42nd St N.E.  Welcome to all new members, prospective members and others!  Contact; Linda Armitage 319-393-0675. 

Welcome to our Newest Members!

Jennifer McNabb, Brenda Stienke, Gwen Randall, Betty Johnson, and Gisela Steffe 

Greetings from President Carletta Knox-Seymour

In this new fiscal year, AAUW National is launching a new strategic plan that promises to infuse its members to have the ability to get more things done in the nation, in every state, and at every branch level.  The plan is called, Beyond Aspirations: Advancing Equity for Women and Girls.

Here are the 2018 Strategic Plan highlights.

Mission:  To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education, and advocacy. 

Vision:  Equity for all.

Values:  Nonpartisan, Fact-based, Integrity, Inclusion and intersectionality.

Strategic Focus Areas:

Education & Training:  Addressing the barriers and implicit biases that hinder advancement of women.

Economic Security:  Ensuring livelihoods for women.

Leadership:  Closing the gender gap in leadership opportunities.

Governance & Sustainability:  Ensuring the strength, relevance, and AAUW well into the future.

 With this strategic plan launching from national, I would like to share with all of you where I believe our Cedar Rapids Area branch can be the most useful in our community at this time. This is one opportunity; more will come as we move forward.

For many years, a number of you have volunteered your time helping children with reading and math disabilities whether it was through an after school program or directly within the classrooms. I would like to invite a few of you women to join me in offering your skills as resources to at-risk students who need more attention than they get in a classroom setting.

I have been in conversation with Megan Isenberg, the program director at Jane Boyd Community House. I approached her with the idea that we, as AAUW members, have the educational resources to assist these young minds that need a good deal of extra attention. This certainly aligns us with the mission of AAUW. Based on the conversation Megan and I had, here is the opportunity that has been outlined.

The program is called, Academic Achievement. It is an after school program. I am seeking to recruit 10 women. Six will be assigned to Johnson Elementary School, and the other four will be assigned to the Community House. The goal is to have volunteers start the week of 9/10/2018, and they will be paired with youth of varying ages offering tutoring and mentoring. The time will be approximately from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. The first step is to get a background check completed. Once those forms are completed we move to the next step, which is to get the volunteers paired up with the right student.

By-Laws Revision 

Carletta Knox-Seymour, Sharon Vana and Sue Jorgensen met to revise the by-laws.  The following changes are recommended and will be voted on at the next branch meeting:

  1. ARTICLE VII  b. Terms. The Nominating Committee shall serve for a term of 2 years. (previously no time was designated)
  2. ARTICLE IX a. The elected officers shall be: President, Finance Officer, Program Officer, Secretary and Membership Officer.  (Communications Officer is omitted)
  3. b. Appointed Officers. …shall be AAUW Funds, Public Policy, Charitable Fund, Bulletin Editor and other positions as needed.  (the change is the addition of Bulletin Editor as an appointed position).

Section 2.

 d. The secretary shall record….

Section 3.

2. The following officers shall be elected in even years: Finance Officer, Program Officer, Secretary.  The following officers shall be elected in odd years: President and Membership


1. Members. Add Bulletin Editor to appointed officers

End of By-Laws Revision

Cedar Rapids Branch Board Meeting  At the Ladd Library                                      5:30-7:00 August 6, 2018

Attended by: Carletta Knox-Seymour, Sue Jorgensen, Linda Armitage, Mary Lawrence, Sarah Swayze

Discussion: We would like to schedule some meetings at residences such as Methwich and Cottage Grove Place and encourage members who live there to attend.

Linda and Sue will check to see how many E-Students have joined.  E-Students have a free on-line membership if they attend a college or university that is an institutional member. Linda will also contact national to see how many free memberships we have. We receive one free membership for every two new members.  New members are Betty Johnson, Brenda Steinke and Gisela Steffe. 

Carletta’s vision is for  AAUW become more involved in the community outside of what they do with Washington’s Annual Picnic in the Park event. One suggestion was for AAUW volunteers to participate in various events such as reading to students.  She wants AAUW to be visible.  Other suggestions where AAUW could make connections included, Jane Boyd Community Center, Tasha’s Hair Salon Henry Davison’s Center, and Harambee House. Jane Boyd shows more promise for visibility in the community.

A check for $60 will be sent to Maria Dean to reserve the Clark Alumni House for the December meeting. Total balance showed on finance report is $2,856.50. The total includes $1,947.00 for national plus $88.50 for Shape the Future.  Mary Lawrence will send dues on August 15, 2018. 

 Meeting Adjourned at 6:30